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We recently had the pleasure of serving Open Arms of MN a second time for their ‘TOAST’ celebration. An event created to celebrate the amazing volunteer community supporting their nonprofit. And what a time it was!

Open Arms of MN is a nonprofit organization that cooks and delivers medically tailored meals to critically ill Minnesotans and their loved ones. What I love most about this organization, you truly feel the compassion and love they put into their mission. Every staff member is kind, hard working, and they make you feel like you matter. Something so unfortunately rare in organizations today. Something I genuinely believe is a key to combating social isoloation and the loneliness factor taking hold of the world. Mattering.

People need people. Bringing people together in-person to celebrate, no matter how big or small, increases our dopamine. It helps us connect with like-minded people. It gives us memorable and shared experiences that hopefully, encourages us to particpate in more of them in the future. That is Tap Truck Midwests ultimate goal. To be a small part of the solution in bringing people together and making them feel like they matter.

I know, I’m an idealist. Who starts a mobile thinking they are going to change the world? You just sling drinks right? I do sling a mean drink, but the purpose in my heart is to bring people together. And I believe we all have to do our part. I believe if we look out for one another, if we bring people together, if we are genuine and compassionate to our neighbors, it does make a difference. A small difference can have a lasting impact. With momentum it can continue its impact, touching more than one person down the road.

Open Arms of MN is inspiring, positive. It has social connectivness down and you feel like you want to be around the energy. We are grateful to have gotten to serve them. We hope to be behind the scenes instead of just the bar, volunteering our own time in the near future. And we hope this gives you a small glimpse of Tap Truck Midwest’s heart as well.